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March 19, 2010



Oh dear, poor baby! Glad to see he's okay now, he makes me go awwww.


YES my Kitty made it on here!!!!

Thanks Chris =)


BOB! No tail! lol. great name....

glad you saved Bob!


i'm confused, you mean the mother cat bit it off? or the person who owned him cut it off?

Dustin / ダスティン

... Well can we at least see the wound? Chris promised us open flesh wounds the other day and he didn't deliver! >:O


I never took a picture of the wound. I'd take a picture of it but there wouldent be a point to it. He's WAY to fluffy to see it nowadays.

@ Betty, His mother chewed his tail off...


When our Maine Coon girl Joy was kittening I was warned about first time mothers chewing off a tail or two. They chew off the umbilical cord and eat the placenta. Sometimes mom cats get confused and bite off the tail as well. With our breed being famous for their big huge wrap around tails that was as long as their bodies- it happens sometimes! EW! It's something you have to be sure doesn't happen!!!


Carm, I feel ya. We've raised a billion cats (we have a lot of land...) and watching them give birth is totally gross, but it's kind of necessary... especially if it's the mother cat's first litter and it's a large litter. My old cat, Precious, was too tired at the end of the labor to eat the last kitten out of the placenta so my aunt (an RN) had to handle it. My aunt didn't eat it, FYI. (I'm sure that would've been the next question.) You have to watch mama sometimes!

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