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March 02, 2010



looks like the cat is choking


the cats name damian, by any chance?


cats prefer to be naked. anything other is cruelty!


Hi chris. I was just on your youtube page and you havnt signed in for a week. Its a sad time for the cult right now. Please start making videos again.You have so many to please. Day by Day more are droping out of the cult. Its gonna be a shame too see a preformer like you go down the shitter :(


LoL! How did you manage to get the cat into the outfit in the first place? Did you get hurt?


Oh look how the kitty is smiling at you... In a completely evil and I-want-to-rip-your-head-off way of course


Bill, we now know why your lady wears a Kevlar scarf.


Bunnicula...look at those teeth!


He makes a fine bunny. But to those who are physically there, with the cat, I'm a bit concerned about your safety. That cat looks angry, I'd watch out. Cats have those crazy sharp things that come out of their fingers, apperently they are called "Claws". That thing will rip you in 2 if you are not careful.


Also, Jen remember how you said we should start making our own Cute Downs. Since Chris has apperently abandoned us, it's time to take Matters in our own hands, I have a right as a CWC fan.

So this week who is Cuter

A). Trixie, The cat who loves Muk Muk
B.) Pride, The Cat/Lion
C.) The Demonic Cat/Bunny, sent in by Bill in Winnepeg

Cast in your vote, and we'll see you next time on

CUTE! With Chris

.... the devil is everywhere, THE DEVIL IS EVERYWHERE!

(> < )


Bunnicula... How amazing, I remember those books. I loved them.

And I'll vote for the nameless kitty from this post. :)


Dustin... I think I love you.


That poor poor cat. I have a feeling a certain owner woke up the next day covered in scratches and bites.


Me and Dustin have a secret love affair going on Zaybra. Sorry. :P


I'm also voting for the evil-kitty-bunny!!!


This picture is so awesome. This just completely makes my day! Thank you Chris!!

Also: Dustin, you are so FTW. My vote goes to The Demonic Cat/Bunny.


Awww.. that cat offically hates you. LOL It deserves a treat after that. Torture!

Chris, I love you. Come back to us.
Dustin... You cannot replace him. I know you miss him, but still. It's not the same without him. :(


... But what if I told you I am Chris?

" DADADADAAAAAA" *Dramatic music echoes in the backround*


I don't think Dustin was trying to replace him, just give the cult a little bit of laughter for the day. Nothing wrong with that.

Plus, the whole thing was my idea. lol.


Lol Dustin if your Chris, "den you have some splannin' to do". *ricky ricardo voice over* (:


Haha. I wish I was Chris. I wonder what it would be like to be a Canadian Celebrity?

Still I'm begining to really miss CuteWithChris. It's just ... zombie CWC is not fun. Since he's not making videos it's ... It's like a Cake with no Icing. Sure it's good, but it's not complete, it's just a blob of unfinished bussiness. Mmm, Cake. *Slowly Leaves* *Heads Towards Kitchen*


Maybe Chris is just really busy making more canadian soap operas right now?



Somehow I don't see Chris as the soap opera type after all this time watching him do CWC. I mean maybe if they had some cynical role with a perverted sidekick plastic horse... With lots of kitty zones, alcohol, and DANTE DANTE DANTE. :P


Chris is not the Soup Oppera Type! He's better then that but I am wonder what happened. I mean he's not even making storys for The Story Hour right now, HE HASNT POSTED A STORY SINCE NOVEMBER!

Maybe he's building another Machine, just like that Non-Electrical, Papery thing he made a couple months ago. Anyway, he's probably going to "Rock the CuteWithChris Community, TO ITS VERY CORE". Or he's Being Lazy and ignoring the people he left behind. Either way he needs to return. A hiatus is meant as 3 Month Break ... He's been gone for Almost 9 Months.


Maybe... I'm thinking about gathering a group of Crazy Cat Ladys and taking a little road trip to go find Chris Leavins in California. Jen, you in?

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