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March 17, 2010



Wow Ana. Nice threat. I wonder how many pictures Chris gets of animal balls. lol.

Ana Vancouver 19

VICTORY. I knew chris wouldn't be able to resist Leo. I'm a proud mama


Now THAT is blackmail we can all get behind...?

Kat trina

so on a tiny tiny does one KNOW when the balls dropped? deeper bark... they're twice his body weight...or something not worth contemplating....


What a weird threat.

Melissa H.

Yorkie/Chihuahua?? Who thought that was a good idea? They've created the world's yappiest dog. And during the five minutes a day he's not yapping (spread out in 15 second increments), he'll be shivering violently.


LOL Ana, great threat. Maybe I should threaten him. Then he might consider posting the picture I send him. :(


"Ive been trying to get good pictures of him wet and its more difficult than you think."

Why exactly did you want a picture of your dog wet? I'm not one to criticize, I'm insane too, but I'm just wondering.

Very cute and congrats on your successful threats, btw!

Ana Vancouver 19

LOL, because he looks disgusting when he is wet, and I wanted him to get into that category.

He resembles a chihuahua more when all his fur is stuck to his body


crazy dog lady

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