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April 19, 2010



That's it Chris, You Win, YOU WIN! Since it's clear you're not coming back soon, nor make another Video, and God knows I can't take another Friggin Kitten Picture. Go ahead and sit on your Fat Canadian A** and act like a total Slob. I've lost Hope.

I Have 2 Fingers

Why is this happening to me? Is this gonna be forever?


Woah Dustin. Chill buddy xD I'm telling you, if he's not back for IFS4YD THEN we can start cursing and freaking out. Chris would never miss out on the opportunity to whine and complain to us!!!!!


Fine, Chris if your not back By INFS4YD, Im
coming to California and I'm taking Hell with Me. You have been warned.

May 20, 2010, that is your deadline for making a video.

I'll be Waiting, ... And Watching.


I think that's reasonable...

Dustin if you end up going, don't forget to take the video camera with you, k?


Hey Chris,
I really thought we would have got a little more than this when you responded a few weeks ago. Trust me, I love you for putting my cat bob on here, but I'm worried. Can't we have a like 10 second video or something. Just to prove you're ok? We just want to hear your voice again. ( and maybe colty's too ;) )


Chris should make a Music Video.


Haven't you seen his beat boxing video? lol


No I'm talking a Big Time Rap Video, featuring Colty, Pervy, Robot Cat, and Peanuts.

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