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April 21, 2010



thnak you thank you thank you , that was sooooooo funny !as they say in my's still good. Right ? Especially if the plastic was still on it- Eat around the paws prints. ahahahahaha XD'


Comfort food? Warms the sole?


@ BeeChilly-LOL! This is such an unusual problem. You need higher counters!


Well my cat once walked across an fresh oil painting and left some beautyfull paw prints all across my room.
She also ate halfe of an fresh baked chees cage . I guess cats love cage.


Heather I think you might just be lucky that Rossy didn't try to curl up on it. Warm and soft. Who could blame him?


Isn't this the cat that someone thought was their runaway cat? Whatever happened to that story?


I'm assuming the plastic was over the pie still otherwise the cats paws would've went into the pie and it doesn't look like it broke the top layer on the pie. -nod nod-

So, it's still edible! Kitty just wanted to help you bake. :)


There are no counters high enough in this world to keep a cat from finding a way to climb them. Or my 11 month old nephew. He was discovered sitting on the kitchen counter (we still aren't sure how he got up there) about to feast on potato chips. Cats and children. (sigh) I spend my life trying to thwart their elevation tactics. CHRIS- please make a new video! Please?


hey, it's Heather, Rossy's mom. He's not the missing cat, although he might be a reincarnation, who knows?

we've got a puppy now - expect more stories/snapshots of Rossy's adventures!
ps. the plastic went on the pie afterward. at the time it was covered by a tea towel. I was devastated.


I would have been laughing too hard to be devastated, and I'd pipe whipped cream on top before I served it so it would be our secret. ahh still makes me laugh- 6 paw prints, must have linnnnnngered over it-


We used to have a pie eating kitteh. She would knock pies off the counters and eat the crusts. CATS ARE SO WEIRD.


I knew a cat that would eat it's way thru the centre of loaves of bread so from the outside you had a nice loaf and when you took out the slice the middle was missing.

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