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August 31, 2010



Fantastic! It is great to have some Chris news, and to see that things are going well for our Dear Leader. It is also awesome to see from the autograph that Chris has not lost his wit.

PLEASE keep going with periodic glimpses in what you have going on, it gives the cult great joy!


I love your long hair! And I agree with A.J. :D


Is this Todd show going to be on American television?


looks like the cult might be able to stream...thank you my lord for the internet!


That looks pretty cool, Chris. Congrats.


Not unless you live in Canada Lynne. They block the US.


Why must the Canucks keep such a tight rein on their comedy?


I can't believe this cult is still going strong even though we haven't gotten a video in such a LONG time! But it is. Here's hoping that the show becomes such a huge success that they'll let your American cult members watch someday. (They let us watch Degrassi for goodness sake. They should let us watch this too!) xoxo


post some fucking vids you ... I love you chris

Bridgeen in Toronto

What the crap?!

Will some kind soul please fill me in on this Todd business? And in general about what's been going on with Chris lately? I feel like such a bad fan, I'm so out of the loop D:

Bridgeen in Toronto

Okay so a quick google search told me what the Todd business is lol. Coolio, can't wait to see it :D.


I stand in line dressed as Wonder Woman for 2 hours, have my breasts jammed with various anime costume implements and I miss Chris Leavins?!? How is that fair? oh I can't wait for IFS4YD

But since I am Canadian... I finally get something cool that the south of the border fans miss. Ha ha ha! Oh yeah and I've seen slings and arrows too, plus the creepy garden movie.

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