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September 27, 2010



the other men made it all worth while....

Single Kelly

Thanks, Chris! Ahhh, I love DragonCon.

Wanna Holdit

I wouldn't mind helping some of those "300" men to get laid ;^)


Teh 300 was hawt.
Oh, Dragoncon, the one time I went I got the highest I have ever been in my life, my friend and I spent at least 4 hours laying on a hotel room bed because we couldn't get up. Hey, they're showing anime! Forget it. Pink Floyd laser show! Uh-uh. (Which the laser broke btw, imagine being in a room full of con-folk and having someone ask over the PA, "Does anyone have a spare laser?"

That looked like a lot of fun.

Single Kelly

Teh 300 was very hawt. Unfortunately, not so amused when I told them they needed to get laid. I mean, I meant it as an offer, not an insult...


Oh, well, congoers aren't known for social skills or subtlety, if you had walked up to the 300 and said, "I wanna fuck all 300 of you," they'd have been like, "Right on."

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