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October 05, 2010


Bionic Banana

That things in worse shape then Kelly Clarksons Ass.


cool picture of the two of them sleeping

just don't let him get too excited around her....

Downunder Sugarglider

Arghh .... "hung from the skin above my upper ...." UPPER WHAT??? I have to know! Upper lip?
Upper limb? upper level of the bus? what is happening?


i refuse to believe any furry purry orange thing could be an asshole. you are a liar, christine from albany! i loves me some furry purry orange things!


Yep, it is always the red-heads you have to watch out for...


AWW! Christine- Ollie is adorable. Every good Crazy Cat Lady quickly learns how to unhook a kitty which has attached itself to your flesh!

My cream colored Furby-looks like a paler-Ollie LOVES my grandson and kept hopping in his playpen with him yesterday- click on my name to see the two of them...

Your daughter and Ollie are PURRecious together!


It was my upper lip. There was a teeny bit more to my story that was cut out I guess. No biggie!
I have always held the theory that orange/red headed things are evil. Glad to see that I'm not the only one.

My daughter is almost 4 now, so she's survived thus far!


That picture of the cat with your daughter is adorable! But your little orange monster sounds a lot like the cat I had when I was a kid. He would rub on my friends until they'd reach down to pet him and then he'd bite their hands. And he loved to cuddle until he didn't, which he let you know by trying to bite your face. I miss him...


Sweet pic of cat & baby. But don't hold cats like babies. Nothing could be less cat-friendly and they hate it. It's not rocket science.

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