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October 12, 2010



you evil man!
i thought you meant a NEW CWC episode.
Don't play with my heart CHRIS!



Why must you taunt me so!! I have scoured the internet for a method by which to freely watch this masterpiece of television from the U.S., but, woe is me, I have yet to find such a thing... The channel/show web site doesn't work, iTunes wants me to pay $15 per episode, Hulu and other television websites don't have it, etc., etc. ... It is a sad, sad time to be a poor American...


Socially redeeming message tonight about NOT bullying the gay kid-or else! Well worth $15! Should probably be a PSA... like Fatal Attraction was to cheating men!



You don't need help from Revlon, you need to cut a sponsorship deal with the Dockers folks, cause those pantaloon that wardrobe has hooked you up with are not doing you any favors - looking a bit fat in the arse, as they say...

Looking forward to the new episode nonetheless!

Dustin now wears Revlon

Screw it, Chris you have inspired me. I am going to be a high school guidance councilor.

I don't what the heck this Revlon thing is, but God help me I'm buying it!


Finally! Being canadian has got me something other than high taxes and mediocre healthcare!
I'm watching the show right now.
Love you chris!


Dude, this episode was awesome. So politicaly incorrect. I have never seen something gayer then this. Hahahaha. Keep it up, you are making Space the best channel ever!


Is it sad that Chris looks less creepy in that add than Oprah!? or whoever that other woman is.....


I am setting up an itunes account just so I can watch.

This is how badly I need a new Chris video.

maggie (crazy panda bike lady)

I have watched all 3 of the shows currently available on iTunes. Tell them to add more. Very funny stuff.


Chris, another triumph! Such a great show!


OK you know what's really making me mad is that supposedly you can watch full episodes on the Space network website, but the videos don't work. On any browser. WTF We need to rise in revolt


So sad you can take a cute guy like Chris, give him a bad haircut, a porn-stache, and earth toned sweater vests and completely erase any sex appeal which he previously had.

Mens... is you listening?


I am freaking out. I gave in and tried to buy the episodes from iTunes, and it WOULDN'T LET ME because I'm not in Canada! The Space website also won't let me see them, because I'm not in Canada (I'm guessing on this one, but all the episodes had a little maple leaf next to them). Chris, have mercy on your devoted American followers! How the hell can we see your show????

Sarah and Stella

Hey Chris,
Love the Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. you rock my world, as usual!
I sleep with your handwritten thank you note that you sent me with my t-shirts nightly, and dream of a day when you and i can be together! muuuuaahhhhh!!!! xoxoxooxoxoxooxxoxoox

Miranda from Flin Flon

Anyone know where I can get an "Atticus Knows Best" t-shirt?

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