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October 14, 2010



Excuse me, M'Lord, but if you ever made a new video... like, even every year or so.... you would retain much more of your previously devoted legions. PLEASE DON'T LASER ME

Tibia Gold

It's been so long since a viewer sent me a CWC movie poster. you would retain much more of your previously devoted legions.


this pleases me.
i am amused and pleased. may our lord be happy as well.

Dustin now wears Revlon

It's cause you quit making videos Jacka** (Sorry, Teenagers come to this site)


I agree with bettylion... Our Lord hath forsaken us.

We understand if you have moved on with your career and your life, but you can't expect us not to move on, as well.

Sorry Chris... Good luck for your future, though.


Great, great poster.


i hate to say it but.....we def need a new video Chris!!!! we are patient and we love you!!!! but, now is the time my friend lol for the love of god!!!!! ok bit dramatic but you know im right.......
:) so get busy!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya

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