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October 27, 2010



FIRST!!!............. This video is so sad, poor kitties.


The info on the actual video says the black and white kitten died today )': RIP Spike

Cant Beartowatch'it

this is soooo horrible (goats too)
C'mon people- stop breeding these animals!

Dustin Now Wears Revlon

The next YouTube video you post here better be a new episode OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL LOSE IT!!!!


this wasn't bred into them you ninny, it's a genetic disease that became dominant in this particular litter of kittens. they are obviously regular domestic short hair, meaning they aren't a breed, meaning no one did this to them, just an unfortunate throw of the genetic dice for these poor little guys.


uh-oh, both kittens are dead now, charlie the tabby just died today, as well as the black and white spike earlier. too bad ;__;


They are so cute! I felt so sad for them watching this vid :(


I laughed so hard when I saw this.

Then I read the description on YouTube.

I'm going to hell.


Ok Ok I now- a little PC here, sorry the kittens died. BUT IMAGINE if they lived! how easy would it be to remind "Tigger" or "Fluffy" to get off the counter, you know the hand raise idle threat- "get down...." *raise hand* in this case it could be "Get down" *IDLE CLAP THREAT!* hehehehe


it was funny at first but then i got super sad and felt so bad for them!! Poor kitties i hope they're in a better place.

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