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November 02, 2010



Call me an addict.


meaning that...I LOVE THIS SHOW


Someone HELP! Why can't I watch the "Todd" episodes on spacecast? When I click on the videos, all I get is "We're experiencing temporary difficulties." It's not my browser, because I've tried multiple browsers and multiple computers at home & work. I can watch OTHER videos on spacecast. What's going on?

Single Kelly

I want a lesbian basket


at berttlion: It's because your IP address is from a country that Space doesn't accept. Like America. I have the same problem, soooo It would be super awesome chris if you could get someone to link this on a torrent or rapid share because forget paying 16 dollars an episode.


@ mao.... ok, well that sucks. Why don't they just say that on spacecast instead of "temporary difficulties, please try again in a few minutes." Grrr. I would be happy to buy the episodes on itunes, but at $15 a pop, that's ridiculous. I guess I'll have to wait until it's on DVD... one could buy the whole season for that price.


Lesbian basket?! Nice!!!

Chris, you're scaring me. Why have you abandoned us so for filthy lucre? Are you an asshole? Well, yeah, I'm thinkin'. And I can't even watch your selling out. Fuck.


I hate you.


I <3 Todd and the Book of Pure Evil


this made me smile, thanks chris:)


I don't know if it will work or not, but for you US users it says on the site that it's downloadable on itunes...


Why is the crotch on those pants SO low? Is this where it normally falls on guys?

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good advice is beyond all price.


Bettylion, are you sure it's $15 per episode? Granted, I'm in Canada, but it's $15 per SEASON here, and $1.99 per episode. It looked a bit misleading to me at first, too. If it really is $15 per episode, wow - that sucks.

Well worth the price, though. Chris is very Chris-y in the show -- I'm sure they must have cast him base on Cute With Chris. His character has that same delightful Chrisness that we've come to know and love. Four more episodes left, and I've still got my fingers crossed that at some point Atticus Murphy, Jr., is going to say "All your dreams are dead!"

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