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November 05, 2010



Sucks when you can't watch a show because you are in a different country doesn't it. I'd feel sorry for you but, I have been denied many shows on line.

Perhaps you can come back to complain about this on IFS4YD

its an awesome show

Pets Health

This doggy look Amazing ,it has a pretty face hubby just go crazy for doggy !!!! that dress is so perfect!!!i think he feel so comforatable with that sweaters ...i like it a lot!!!


Yay Tuck!!!! He knows how to rock a sweater. And he's adorably cuddly to boot having met the little fashionista in person. In dog?

Is it bad that I've never watched "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"? I suppose I should right, as some sort of Canadian solidarity thing.


I don't know if it works in the states, but on the space site it says it's downloadable on itunes...


You can only buy things in the itunes US store. It'll let you look at the Canadian or British or Japanese stores if you get to them in a round about way, but it won't let you buy anything. Stupid.


I'm hoping Tam will send me bootleg copies. I neeeeeeed it!

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