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December 07, 2010



I'm addicted to T&tBoPE. It's now become my favorite show.


You're 52? Well, that makes me feel better about my career, at least, but... damn, you do NOT look 52.

maggie (crazy panda bike lady)

Anyone who doesn't like T&tBoPE is a stupid git. Or possibly just not Canadian enough to get it. Sheer brilliance, every bit of it.

Rachael Ferguson

You are not 52. Jesus is lord and you are not 52.


You lie. You can't be 52.


Dear Santa: Please bring me Todd and the Book of Pure Evil on my TV in Dallas. If you get it for me I will believe in you forever. P.S., Chris, I'm 55, and there's no way you are 52 - unless you've signed a pact with the devil, which would be really appropriate under the circumstances.

Dustin (Now wears Revlon)

You're 52!? Wait a minute, you must be one of those perfect humans who don't age! I think I read about them in the Bible or something.....


Trust me, I know how old Chris is and it's not quite 52 yet. But that's not important right now. You speak of archives? ARCHIVES!?

You mock us!


Since when were you 52? Looks more like 42. Mustofbeenatypo


I'm calling shenanigans on the 52 revelation.

And for the record, I would totally send you creepy fan mail about T&TBOPE... but it's going to have to wait until it's available on DVD, because it's not airing in the States.

Remedy this immediately. (creepy enough?... I can get worse/better!)


I never would have found this site, or your youTube channel, if not for TatBoPe. Atticus is my reason for watching. Fingers crossed for season 2.


They really make it impossible to watch if you're in the US. Can't load the videos on the site, can't get the episodes from iTunes. What's a girl gotta do?! Write my senator?


TatBoPe looks like my kind of show, too bad I can't watch it! Damn you Canada.


how the heck can i find this show in LA? i looked for a torrent, but all the ones i found were incomplete. >:(

miss you, dude!


Oh, Chris. I feel so guilty for being disappointed when you stopped making CWC episodes. I never even gave you a chance to prove yourself with TatBoPe, which is fantastic.

The show must go on, my lord. You have this fan's blessing.


I love the show and really hope that it comes back for a second season (it just has to, there were so many questions left unanswered - is Todd the evil one? who will save Jenny and her father from retired satanists? will Atticus somehow make it back into the gang?)

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