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February 01, 2011


Mary in Denvah

On behalf of Princess Kiwi, Ruler of Noms, I comment to tell you Chris that she is honored to appear on your website. She accepts the adoration of the teens, on behalf of Bernese Mountain Dogs everywhere.


This is the sort of cuteness that requires the viewer to be isolated in a soundproof chamber so that everyone within a 500-mile radius doesn't hear the idiotic squeals of unbridled joy that are IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTAIN when thinking about how delightful that pink little belly must feel against the palm of the hand. And a billion other points of insane adorability, too numerous to recount here. Kiwi is a kyootie!!!

Mary Lou

Kiwi is the sweetest grandpuppy that there ever was. We get to meet her for the first time at Easter and can hardly wait!!!! Would you believe she was a premi who barely made it?


omg! that belly!


Soooooooo cute!

Jennifer Stoffel

What a dog, she must have some super powers or something to be so clever!!!

mirro pressure cooker

very funny bro...

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