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July 11, 2011



Concerned by how quiet it has been here lately, I decided to check the stats... and it is disturbing...

According to Alexa:

Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit

Reach Change
1 month 0.00002 -30%
3 month 0.00002 -80%

Chris - the cult still loves you! PLEASE (pretty please?) check in with us occasionally to update us on what/how you are doing - not even going to ask for pithy videos, just send a ping to the faithful to let us know you are still out there and the site has not been assimilated by the Borg...


A.J's right! It's been almost like what.. 3 years now? I want CWC back!!!!! It was the highlight of my week!


I miss you but i am a fan until the end no matter what. I wish you the best and please do not work too hard!

the dog in the picture is adorable!

The Cult

Christopher Leavens! 2 Years last June, 2 Years it has been since you have made a video.

The cult doesn't care about "Todd and the book of pure evil",
we cared about "The Chris Leavens Story Hour", but you abandoned it as well and now we no longer care.

Do you know what we care about? Videos, not posts, VIDEOS of you talking about fluffy baby kittens, vomit, and Pervy telling us to hit donuts.

Chris, make another video. The second you read this, make another video. You make 1 single video, and it's gonna send to all your subscribers on Youtube, everyone will start caring, the Cult will be happy. But let me tell you Christopher Leavens, you wait much longer and the cult will turn on you. We will murder our leader out of pure rage and impatience. That's not a threat, that's a warning because it will happen. You have developed a race of psychotic humans that feed on the flesh of videos about baby kittens, and if you do not feed us we will get angry. I haven't been fed in 2 Years Chris! I AM HUNGRY!

Make a video, now, make a video, NOW!!!



Dear Chris,

Having a friend in the Drama department of Fine Arts at university I realize how much time and effort it takes to rehearse for and shoot a show. And hey I've watched Todd and the Book of pure evil, and you're the only good thing about that show.

I'm happy you're getting paid and making it work. If you dont want to make anymore CWC videos that's ok too... But don't stop showing us your creative side. Dont stop the story hour, your book writing and just you being you. Why dont you blog your experiences on set? at rehearsals? What you're doing now?

We miss you...


Chris! I understand that you are too busy to make a CWC video, or that maybe you have moved on entirely but... can you at least give your loyal fans an update?!


hey chris I thought you were just another witty gay youtube dude, but then I twigged Id seen you before on tv and a movie I liked, but that was the 90's and we were all to busy shooting up bleach and weedkiller and being in bands like "ugly drill fuck" whilst wearing rubber dresses/pretending we were in the matrix/piercing our frontal lobes etc,to really notice at the time and hell that whole decade is just a blur, so anyway since I havent seen you on tv or in film for nigh on 10 years now I guess your doing nothing. So can you just make us a video already, I dont care about cats, or peoples pets, or people in general, but god i miss your sarcastic asides and deadpan oneliners.



Four days until the scheduled US premier of "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil" on FearNet.

Chris, can we get a shameless plug so the other seven remaining US Cult members have time to pester our local cable and satellite providers to carry FearNet? Something? ANYTHING?

We miss you, and having your name in the header replaced with "CWC" makes us fear the site has been hijacked by some evil AI experiment gone wrong or off-shore holding company!

Hello... is this thing on?


Miss you Chris. Is there any way to watch Todd & the Book of Pure Evil online?? I live in the US and do not have cable or this "FearNet" thing.


well that is just about the cutest puppy I've ever seen! excepty my own, Ginger. (lets not forget its about the cuteness)


Hi Chris

At least I *hope* it's still Chris doing the posting here.

'Twould be nice if you could at least let those of us who still love you that you love us back.

Looking forward to Season 2 of the Atticus Murphy Jr. show.

Still have the t-shirts and the box they came in.



P.S. I like towels


Hi Chris, you are cute, i am missing you!Reptile live food

Melissa H.

Wow Chris. Just put it out of its misery already. You've clearly moved on.


A brief update on the one-month anniversary of the last post...

Alexa indicates that there has not been enough traffic on since this post appeared to even calculate the drop in reach.

Chris - you are a busy guy who has probably moved well on from the kitty-cat blog thing - got it, and do not begrudge you taking care of reality and shifting your time and resources to where you are going rather than where you have been.

As a fan/supporter though, it would be great to still have a way to keep up with what and how you are doing that could still be low drag on your time and energy. How about that twitter feed that me and 59 of our closest friends are following you on? Pretty please?

One more (small?) request - if CWC is truly just dead, can we get one last post letting us (and future visitors) know that it is an archive of a great past era in cyberspace rather than a living, breathing thing? If it it really gone, that would give us long-timers some sense of closure to comfort us as we down our sorrows.

With respect, and the eternal hope that CWC is just in an extended lull,



come back chris. don't forsake us. we NEED you.

Shawn Tymchak

Awesome, Macy the "Dog of Thunder"


I still check this site everyday Chris!


I second A.J.'s sentiments. I wish I could watch Todd ATBoPE but unfortunately cannot. Just rip the Bandaid off, even if it hurts, if you will never be back.


we miss you chris!

Dr. Eric in Colorado

Chris, could you please make your really old videos available again? I would love to see some from the first 100 again, but you have taken them all down. Please don't hide your greatness from us, M'Lord.


This link is for any non-Canadians that wish to watch Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil.

I have to say, it seems our leader has lost his freaking mind. I didn't think he could get any more cynical then his last video "My Decline, but after finishing the entire season I have to say I have been proven wrong.

..... I'm so proud of him.

Dr. Eric in Colorado

Dustin, the cult thanks you for the link!


don't eff with the cult


That video gave me a virus :(

Melissa H.

Clearly all our dreams are dead.

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