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July 11, 2011



Wait, it gave you a virus!?


ya took me two days to get it off


I checked out the link and didn't catch nothing...but I am on an iMac and we all know those don't get viruses SNAP!!!


On the bright side, this post has generated the most comments since the "My Decline" posting on 8/18/2010...

On the other hand, no response from Chris and no new content may mean the terrorists have won...

Every couple of weeks I check to see if you've posted anything, Chris. - Please --throw us a bone -- Ask Carm or someone to moderate the site for you. You are breaking our hearts and the cuteness you've given us over the last couple of years is not cutting it. --

We are not feeling the love, Chris :(


Anyone out there have any CWC t-shirts for sale? I LOST my Pervy tee and i've lost some weight so my Chris n Colty size L is a bit baggy now :(

Anyone with any Mens size Medium (or equivelant girl size) t-shirts looking to sell, please e-mail me, would pay $60 a shirt + shipping. PWEEEEEEEASE :D

Hungout Todry

Anybody have any "Chris is Dead to Me" shirts-
we have been forsaken for too long?!


LOL Hungout Todry! I totally agree.

This seems to be 'classic Chris' - first he gets us to love his videos, then stops them without warning, then the Story Hour, which again stops without warning and now this. Oh Chris :(




I check every few days as well, hoping against hope that maybe there will be something fresh. But i don't begrudge him his success, but i do think perhaps it's time to remove CWC from my bookmarks.

Aw hell, who am i kidding? I'll keep him on there and keep checking.

The Cult loves you milord!

Lose Eng Faith

But keep forsaking us...not for much longer ;^)


As we approach the three month mark with no signs of life on the site, here is a bit of (slightly old) Chris news that our imperious leader has not shared with the Cult:

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil won the 2011 Gemini award (think of it as a Canadian Emmy...) for best ensemble performance in a comedy program or series.

So he is apparently alive and doing quite well for himself, he just does not love us anymore.




It's sad when people get famous and forget where they started :(


To be fair, Chris was as "famous" as he is now (if not more so) well before he picked up the whole cute thing, so we should not confuse "Internet Famous" with famous in the broader context of reality. He has always been a smart, articulate, funny and talented guy and an accomplished performer - his change of venue back to more traditional forms of media do not change that.

That is not to say that some kittens, plastic horses and boob-related triple entendres would not be welcomed with enthusiasm!


Almost three months man.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Chris! We miss you.


Old! -- Not worth checking this site anymore -- you are killing the cult:(




Happy Halloween Chris :(


Welp, that does it. Chris is dead.


please change this picture, the laughing dog is mocking us.


Just to prove that Chris is still alive (and apparently hates us), here is an interview from a few days ago:

Based on the interview, it seems he quit doing this much longer ago than we thought...


Congrats to Chris for landing this role. He seemed very proud of it. Hope he continues to get roles and stay in the limelight.

However, if he couldn't even bother to update this site, I think he owes us a proper goodbye.

Hong Kong

Melissa H.

Wow. Yeah, Chris, finishing what you started would really be far more professional that what's going on right now.

As a theater professional, I find this very...informative.

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