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July 11, 2011



Desperate for a glimpse of Chris in action, or looking for the perfect Yuletide gift for that special emo-goth, Canadian comedy maven, or depressed Cute With Chris fan in your life?

If so, don't miss the "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 1" DVD which is out now. The disc includes all the season one episodes plus the original short film and other fabulous extras.

Although a Canadian release, it is a region 1 release, so should play just fine south of the border in those funny non-metric players.

Get yours today! (even though Chris does not love us anymore...)


We could wish Chris a "Happy Thanksgiving", but since he is a big time Canadian actor again (and does not love us anymore), and they celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada way back on October 10, that would just not make any sense.

Instead, it will have to suffice to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to the rest of the Cult, and a big "How about at least a screw you guys, this site is done" to Chris.

Jugs are for juice...

Dr. Eric in Colorado

The fact that I still check this site is a testament to how truly great it use to be. Thank you Chris, wherever you are.


Lame. This used to be the greatest thing ever, now i cant even post christmas cats done by chris for all of my facebook friends to enjoy in a pre-christmas celebration. It is december, i go to college as a full time student and i work two jobs. why do i seemingly have more time than our hero?


Is it bad that I still check this site in the hopes for a goodbye post?



Not bad really - sad perhaps, but no sadder than the rest of us loyal Cult members who still check in every day.

At least you do not keep posting links to Chris news - For instance...

The U.S. release of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 1 DVD set has been announced for February 2012 - full details available at:


i have missed you so much i had to go see Tobuscus.. with his cute epic win segment... i feel like i am cheating.

i hope all is well.


still nothing new? Just close this site, Chris. -- All of our dreams are dead:(

Dr. Eric in Colorado

Dear Santa,
I’ve been very good this year. I also know that there are many good crazy cat ladies, teenage girls, gay bears and guys-who-only-speak-out-when-you-mention-boobs that deserve a present. More than anything we all wish that M’Lord would grace us with another video for Christmas. Even if it is filled with cat vomit.

Dr. Eric in Colorado

Dear Chris,
I hope you had a very merry Christmas and I hope this new year is filled with things you enjoy.


Another news update from the "He's not dead, he just hates us" file - Todd & The Book of Pure Evil clocks in at #4 on the Huffington Post "Canadian TV: Best 11 Moments of 2011" list:


Chris has mighty facial hair, i have posted super sexy pictures on my tumblr


Freakin' dog! After so long I still habitually type in this website as easily as the one for checking my email! A.J., thanks for the Todd updates.

Kitty Vance

Why do you neglect us? lol


ahhh.... remember the good old days....


WHOA - NEW BANNER GRAPHIC!!! And one that actually contains Chris... Is this a sign?



New banner, perhaps some free time with the show between seasons, could it be a return to CWC is imminent?

And those of us who *have* been checking in from time to time will be rewarded for our patience!


Oh, shit! It's a banner! A sexy banner all across my screen! What does this mean?!


2012,no videos,no updates


Chris what the hell... You have killed all our dreams. Thanks :(


:( what a tease


All our dreams are dead. :-(



In recent Chris news - FEARnet to host Holliston and Todd & The Book of Pure Evil panels at the upcoming SXSW Festival:

But before you think, "I see, Chris can't update the site because he is too busy getting ready for his big South by Southwest panel appearance", he will not be there, so essentially he is still just ignoring us because he hates us...


How Ironic. He created one of the greatest internet phenomenons in history and got paid nothing. Then he lands a role in one of the worst piece of crap TV shows I've ever seen and...

Well, at least I'm not bitter.


Everytime I check in here, I have a small glimmer of hope that something might change. A new picture, maybe a post saying goodbye.

However, I see this dog and its' like it's mocking me. Don't you laugh at me dog!

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