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March 08, 2012



Are you going to be posting new things now? Yayyyyyy!



Rebecca Foster-Damour

You were missed Chris.


We forgive you, Chris, but only because you are so awesome on "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil".

I'm sorry to say, but it took three episodes before I realized that Atticus was you. I couldn't believe it. He's so delightfully evil and absurd, whereas you're just... hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised.

Anyway, I can't believe that Atticus Finch, Cute with Chris, and the guy from The Hanging Garden are all the same person. You have range.


Murphy. Obviously I meant Atticus Murphy.


Ah, closure at last. Thanks for the years of entertainment and good luck in your current/future endeavors! TATBOPE is the funniest new show I've seen in ages and you're brilliant in it. Fingers crossed for a third series.

I've still go 90 episodes of CWC in iTunes... I think it's time to watch them all again.

Thanks Chris!

I came to this site everyday upon the last episode hoping it wasn't true! But alas, finally the closure that we all regretted would come is here.

I loved your work in The Hanging Garden, and your sardonic Cute With Chris episodes, I love your current role in Todd and the Book of Pure evil, and I'm sure I'll love all your future pursuits too! I still proudly wear my Cute with Chris T-shirts and tell everyone who asks about them what a great show it was! Your book, The Captain and Other Stories, was not only entertaining, but also very inspirational, changing my outlook on life-one of the few books in my library that I can honestly say will become dogeared and used from all the years of rereading. It's a shame that it's officially over, but you achieved so much from this experience and "so you go" I guess. As you said in one of your episodes, you are one in millions upon millions of Chris' out there, but you are far more than that- you are one of the Greats, an acting and writing genius and I'm so glad I was able to follow your Cute with Chris journey from the beginning! Thank you for giving us the three great years of Cute with Chris, for coming out to Toronto, for sharing all your wonderful stories, and for making my day when my puppies pictures got posted on your site! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

-A CWC fan, 20-teen


Thank you Chris, goodbye.

Courtney in Arkansas

I bow to our leader Chris.


Goodbye Chris.

You'll never know how much I needed a laugh when I found you, Thanks

Katrina from Brisbane Oz

so this is it , the final curtain...? farewell Chris I've moved onto Simon's cat...not the same .. at ..all... thanks for the laughs


I can't believe that Atticus Finch, Cute with Chris, and the guy from The Hanging Garden are all the same person..


I wish the CWC website was still cranking out fresh content - not only because i loved watching your shows but also because I've finally managed to destroy my CWC t-shirt :-(.

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